Winter Haven
Architect:  Albert Anis
Year Constructed:  1939
Façade Structure:  The Façade is symmetrical, and the central section has a stepped parapet that rises above the wings.
Façade Decorations:  The central section is decorated with keystone surfacing.
Contour:  The building has squared-off corners, with eyebrows wrapping around the corners.
Entrance:  There is a porch of the whole width of the building and continuing around the left side, with masonry railings and keystone vertical bands on the porch facade.
Eyebrows:  There are eyebrows on windows on the central section and on the wing fronts, which wrap around the corners.
Copyright ©  2007   Technology Base Corporation    Author: Alfredo Romagosa   Photography: Margarita Gavalda Romagosa