Architect:  L. Murray Dixon
Year Constructed:  1939
Address:  1111 Collins Avenue
Façade Structure:  The Façade is folded around a street corner, with asymmetrical wings on the two street sides. The central section is folded symetrically around the corner and it has a sign-structure center column that develops into a tall spire.
Façade Decorations:  The curved corner of the hotel is faced in coral-tinted keystone and it is flanked by panels with vertical band decorations
Contour:  The top two floors of the central section fold around a rounded corner, with windows and decorative panels following the curves.
Entrance:  The building has a corner entrance porch that continues to the right side. The main door is framed in the same red keystone used on the façade. Keystone also frames a window to the right of the main door and a side door to the right of this window. The porch has a masonry railing all around, with a circular pattern.
Eyebrows:  There are continuous eyebrows shading all the windows on the side street wings.
Copyright ©  2007   Technology Base Corporation    Author: Alfredo Romagosa   aromagosa@bellsouth.net   Photography: Margarita Gavalda Romagosa