Architect:  L. Murray Dixon
Year Constructed:  1939
Address:  1131 Collins Avenue
Façade Structure:  The Façade is asymmetrical, with the left corner forming a vertical section that rises higher than the longer right section. At the boundary of the two sections there is a sign tower that ends in a sharp fineal.
Façade Decorations:  The left section of the façade has a decorative honeycomb-pattern vertical band that is interrupted by windows.
Contour:  The building has squared-off corners, with eyebrows that are rounded as they wrap around the right corner.
Entrance:  The entrance door is offset to the left of the building framed with keystone. There is a large window to the right side of the door and a decorative keystone wall to the right of the window. This wall protrudes past the side of the bottom floor, providing a front for a samall side porch.
Eyebrows:  There are continuous eyebrows on top of the windows on the right front section and the right side and over the entrance. These eyebrows wrap around the right corner of the building.
Porthole Windows:  There are two round openings on the decorative wall to the right of the entrance that resemble portholes.
Copyright ©  2007   Technology Base Corporation    Author: Alfredo Romagosa   Photography: Margarita Gavalda Romagosa