Year Constructed:  1938
Architect:  Albert Anis
Address:  1020 Ocean Drive
Façade Structure:  The Façade is symmetrical, and the central section has a stepped parapet that rises above the wings.
Façade Decorations:  There are horizontal carved panels under the windows of the three top floors of the central section with geometric figures. There also are vertical decorative bands on the parapet and the wings.
Entrance:  There is a porch of the whole width of the building with columns at the corners. The porch is recessed from the façade. There are keystone panels surrounding the entrance door. The porch has masonry railings.
Eyebrows:  There are individual eyebrows on all wing windows and on the top window of the central section, and also on the sides of the building.
Copyright ©  2007   Technology Base Corporation    Author: Alfredo Romagosa   Photography: Margarita Gavalda Romagosa