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The Place Homme de Fer Station is the network center of the Tramway in the city of Strasbourg in Alsace, France. In addition to the artistic beauty of this station, the design of the tramway network's was part of a planning effort to reduce automobile usage. With the construction of the tramway, the city center was "pedestrianised", with park and ride facilities available at suburban stations in order to encourage motorists to use the tram to access the city. The station space is adjacent to the main plaza of the city, the Place Kléber.

Station Design

The station was designed in 1994 by architect Guy Clapot, who taught at the School of Architecture in Strasbourg while the station was built. He was also an urban planner, so he was interested in public spaces more than individual structures, and he also redesigned the adjacent Place Kléber. The station "canopy" is a circular green glass structure, 35m across  and with an open center. There are a number of stone seating structures around the station.

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As many other major cities, Strasbourg had an earlier tram (begun in the  1930s) that  fell inot decline and its service was retired in 1960. After a long political process, the tram was reintroduced in 1994.  The Homme de Fer name of the original plaza meant literally "man of iron", and it was due to the statue of a soldier in armor that adorned the front a gunsmith shop at the plaza. The building of this shop is now a pharmacy, and it still has a statue, but is is a replica. The original was replaced in 1870 and it is now at the Strasbourg Historical Museum. An important element of the city re-planning was to use the Homme de Fer place or plaza as the tram hub so as to keep transit away from the central Place Kléber.


In addition to the pharmacy mentioned above, there are a number of commercial business surrounding the station plaza, the most important being the Printemps department store.


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