Bethesda Row 

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General Organization

Bethesda Row has been a succesful and critically praised mixed-use development offering retail, residences and offices. Its most distinctive feature is its blend of different architectures, which used some existing and some new structures. Its two key elements are the Bethesda Lane courtyard with its signature bridging structures and the small plaza in front of the Barnes and Noble bookstore. This small plaza with fixed and movable informal seating facilties is an important gathering and relaxation spot.

Bethesda Lane Courtyard

Barnes and Noble Bookstore

Mixed Architectures, Arlington Road Residences Over Retail

Mixed Architectures, Elm Street Retail


Landscaping consists of the use of well-maintained trees along most of the streets and scattered flower planters and some hedges.

Street Trees, Woodmont Ave.

Flower Planters


There are abundant restaurants at Behtesda Row to please evey taste. Many offer outdoor as well as indoor seating. An innovating feature is the location of the outside tables right next to the streets, so as to facilitate circulation along the store fronts.

Major Restaurant, Bethesda Ave.

Outdor Restaurant, Bethesda Ave.


The main parking facility is a large garage at the center of the development. This garage is mostly hidden by the surrounding buildings, and its entrances, as seen in the two top photos, are in a pleasant style that blends into the surroundings. A smaller garage on Elm Street is entered through a residential building. A parking lot is provided next to a major grocery store at the West edge of the development. There is also some amount of street parking, as can ve seen in some of the others photos.

Parking Structure Entrance, Bethesda Ave.

Parking Structure Entrance, Elm Street

Parking Entrance Through Residential Building, Elm Street

Parking Lot for Major Store, Arlington

Retail Stores

Retail stores are mostly at the ground level, with either residences or offices above, but thre are some major specialty businesses, such as the Apple store below and the Barnes and Nole bookstore.. Some of the restaurants are also in independent buildings.

Retail Store Grouping, Bethesda Ave.
Retail Store Grouping, Bethesda Ave.

Office Space

Office space is provided mostly on the upper flloors of buildings. These include businesses as well as professional offices. Some ground level entrances provide office directories,

Offices Over Retail Stores, Bethesda Ave Office Entrance, Bethesda Ave.


Residences are in the form of apartments on the upper floors of buildings. They are clustered on both sides of the Bethesda Lane courtyard nad along Arlington Road.

Residence Entrance, Arlington Road

Residence Entrance, Bethesda Lane, East Side

Residences Over Retail Stores, Arlington Road

Residences Over Retail Stores, Bethesda Lane, West Side

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