Architect:  Henry Hohauser
Year Constructed:  1938
Address:  1420 Ocean Drive
Façade Structure:  The Façade is asymmetrical, with the crescent-shaped band starting at the top and continuing down, where it separates a smaller right section from a larger left section.
Façade Decorations:  The highlight of the façade decoration is the crescent-shaped carved-stucco and neon band starting at the top and continuing down vetically. There is band of circular decorations (bosses) at the top, with a larger one at the angle of the crescent.
Contour:  The building has squared-off corners, although the eyebrows that wrap around the corners have a rounded contour.
Entrance:  The building has a terraced porch across the whole front with masonry railings and ribbed columns at each end. The entrance door is offset to the left.
Eyebrows:  There are continuos eyebrows over the windows on each of the sections, which wrap around the buiding corners.
Copyright ©  2007   Technology Base Corporation    Author: Alfredo Romagosa   Photography: Margarita Gavalda Romagosa